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In the event of an economic slump, the recruitment of top-notch talent has become increasingly challenging. Moreover, online and newspaper advertisements are exorbitant, frightfully expensive. But hope still floats. While numerous companies have lain off employees and high-end tech jobs have dwindled to a record-low, some companies are still hiring. The overall trend, although discouraging, is not completely irreversible.

A finely-tuned, well-planned recruitment strategy is critical to attracting the best IT professionals. Recent industry surveys have revealed that social media has become a staple of the US IT recruitment process. Most recruiters are tapping into social media to source high-caliber candidates, who perfectly fit the bill.  Social networking can help IT recruiters reach out to a larger pool of highly skilled, resourceful individuals and recruit the best talent for hard-to-fill specialty positions.

By being a member of a social network such as Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, a recruiter also becomes an integral, indispensable part of a larger global  community, where he gets ample opportunities to liaison with prospective jobseekers and executives from the same industry. Social networking helps a recruiter stay in the loop. This is because a recruiter, by using these tools, easily gets a hang of the strengths, weaknesses and interests of his potential interviewees, even before he gets to meet them face-to-face.

Off late, social networking is considered the most viable, effective vehicle of recruitment, as it extensively promotes personal interaction and exchange of ideas. Recruiters, not only, connect with prospective candidates via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but also, successfully conduct interviews on these virtual platforms. It saves them the hassle of inviting candidates for actual, face-to-face interviews.

Some positions are just too difficult to fill, using traditional job boards. In such a situation, virtual platforms like LinkedIn can come in handy. LinkedIn allows recruiters to abundantly post their organization’s hard-to-fill positions and respond to only those, who can perfectly fit into their jobs. Through LinkedIn, IT recruiters, not only, stay in touch with their ex colleagues, but also, source passive jobseekers, who cannot be tracked otherwise.

To further their SEO as well as recruitment efforts, most IT staffing firms in the US have resorted to online blogging. Internet blogging is a great way to share valuable and insightful information with likeminded industry veterans. Blogs effectively drive traffic to a particular site, significantly improving the visibility of the pertinent IT staffing firm. This enhances the brand awareness of both skilled professionals and hiring companies and makes recruitment a lot easier. Through social networking, a recruiter can also ask for advice from experienced industry players and keep potential dangers at bay.

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