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Consulting Services: Our nimble and results-driven consulting services fall under the purview of “strategic staffing” and are either standalone or jointly offered with our executive search initiatives. We provide IT consultants with a wide range of application development skills and experience. Princetec supports mission-critical projects, especially for organizations that are overwhelmed by project-overloads and lack the immediate in-house expertise to overcome the challenge. Our clients see real-life benefits from our “strategic staffing” program, as it seamlessly addresses their immediate business needs and enables them to connect with hard-to-find candidates, who possess the required skill-sets.

Right to Hire Program: In today’s competitive marketplace, sourcing the best talent has become even more difficult and time-consuming. Our client-centric approach enables businesses to save time and promptly fill positions, even when their requirements are particularly challenging. If a candidate’s contract with Princetec expires, the client can make the best use of our first rate “Right to Hire Program” and hire the consultant, directly placing him on the client’s payroll. Our “Right to Hire Program” provides businesses with the best solutions in the most straightforward manner, substantially, adding to the success of their core teams.

Contractual and Permanent Placement Services: Our IT professionals work in client-centric teams, assuring price-smart solutions and on-time completion. For onsite staff augmentation, IT infrastructure and systems integration, we source best in breed software developers with certifications from the major vendors. Apart from permanent placement services, Princetec also specializes in temporary IT staffing.

Princetec’s Application Development and Maintenance Services: Acting as a strategic partner, Princetec uses its prowess in technology, depth of knowledge and years of industry experience to source skilled software professionals, who specialize in developing enterprise and user-friendly software applications. Our consultants offer comprehensive development and maintenance services to our clients from pre-planning, design and coding to testing and final implementation. We engage our clients in insightful discussions on the architectural options as well as potential risks and our comprehensive designs are always tailored to business needs and operating models. Our professionals conduct the final unit and stress testing procedures before stepping into the production phase. Once the implementation is completed, we deploy our suite of web-based tools that facilitate knowledge transfer to our clients.

Princetec also offers an array of post-implementation support and maintenance services as well as experienced resources, assuring seamless functionality of our client’s mission-critical applications. We focus on existent traditional legacy systems, system cut-overs and new applications, offering world-class, web-based deliverables. Princetec designs all the SLAs, in conjunction with our clients, ensuring faster turnaround and mitigating day to day escalations and challenges.

Quintessential Features of Princetec’s Application Development Team

  1. Maintenance and development of features and functions of legacy systems
  2. Provision of domain experience coupled with the best in industry efficiency
  3. High-quality, customized web-based solutions, facilitating effortless marketing
  4. Provision of critical integration technology and application development services

Payor Solutions

If you are in the healthcare business and are involved in paying for medical services rendered to different parties under some form of insurance cover, you are probably no stranger to the usual concern over accurately justifying the payment, eliminating fraud and making sure that you are not exploited.

In fact, this is one of the biggest worries of any payor. Is your money going towards a just claim? Are you paying for a genuine cause? Are you sure that you are not being asked to pay for a service that you do not cover? 

With our wide range of specialized services tailored for payors like you, Sun Knowledge is uniquely equipped to take care of all such worries quickly, professionally and in a highly cost-effective way.

Take a look at our various solutions and get in touch with us today.


Candidates/Job-Seekers: Since 1998, Princetec has helped candidates achieve new heights in their careers. Our success hinges upon the responsive relationship that we share with the candidates. We foster an environment that nurtures the potential of our candidates and helps them address challenges, facing the fast-paced and competitive IT industry. We enable our candidates to take their careers to the next level by presenting new and exciting opportunities for them.

As we step into a whole new phase of economic recovery, acquisition of the best talent is critical to every company, in order to maintain its competitive edge. Our vision of the world is both local and global. Our seasoned recruiters screen and place IT Directors, Project Managers, Software Developers and Engineers and System Administrators, who stand out in the crowd, enabling them to forge ahead and carve out a significant niche as market leaders.

The best way to gauge a candidate’s knowledge and expectations is an in-depth, in-person interview, which lies at the heart of job-search. Our Princetec experts work in conjunction with prospective candidates, effectively and promptly matching their skills to the best jobs, available in the industry.  Our highly sophisticated network of contacts presents unprecedented opportunities to for our candidates, enabling them to make the right choice at the right time.

Employers: Princetec understands that the needs of all our clients are unique. Hence, we consistently deliver solutions, tailored to individual needs, without compromising on our commitment and quality.

Our professional recruiters, using our state of the art technologies and recruitment methodologies, source professionals, who are proven performers in their fields and help our clients fill positions, while condensing the critical time between request and delivery.

 Because of our enviable track-record and profound domain experience, we are asked to support global as well as smaller organizations in New York City.
By providing world-class services, we help our clients stay ahead of the curve.  With over 12 years of experience in the IT staffing industry, Princetec provides a broad portfolio of services that includes:

  1. State of the art sourcing modalities that facilitate the placement of skilled IT professionals
  2. Seamless conversion of Princetec consultants into our clients’ permanent staff via our “Right to Hire Program”
  3. Billing Consolidation for all our clients
  4. Regular contact with Princetec consultants to ensure that their performance is always up to the mark
  5. Meticulous criminal record, work history and education/background checks

Our Specializations

Princetec is a New-York based full-service IT services recruitment firm that provides qualified IT professionals uninhibited access to exciting consulting and full-time employment opportunities in dynamic client environments. We understand the quirks and nuances of the IT industry, gaining unparalleled understanding of the volatile marketplace. We, not only, seek individuals with untapped talent for our clients, but also, help professionals access job opportunities, matched to their skill-set and preferences. Besides offering customized IT staffing solutions to foremost companies in the industry, our portfolio of services also encompasses the following areas:

IT Consulting

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. System Architecture
  3. System Implementation
  4. Programming, Maintenance
  5. Telecommunication
  6. Networking, Finance/Brokerage
  7. Insurance
  8. Pharmaceutical Industries

 Operations Support

  1. System Administration/Help Desk
  2. Network Integration & Administration
  3. Enterprise Messaging
  4. Microsoft Exchange

Some of our turn-key solutions also include:
  1. Client Server Development
  2.  Web Design/Development and E-Commerce
  3.  E-Business and E-Solutions
  4. Application Integration
  5. System Testing/Software Quality Assurance