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Internet business to business (B to B) eCommerce site

Internet business to business (B to B) eCommerce site, which integrates the Merial AS/400 system with Microsoft’s Commerce Server 2000 software. The MQ Series middleware provides the messaging environment between eMerial and the AS/400.

Benefits expert Implementation Wizard (BeneX)

The objective for the Benefits expert Implementation Wizard is to provide a dynamic Web-based tool for capturing benefit information for use when setting up (or maintaining) client on Benefit expert (BenX) product. The wizard will eventually replace the need to configure client data in the BenX application’s “Configuration Studio”. As much client setup information will be imported into the BenX application via BenX import API’s as possible in latter stages of the project. The wizard will create the extract in order to import the necessary information into the BenX application.

Active Report Generation & Web Hosting

Active Reports are generated for helping Recruiters with in the organization. Active Reports are used to separate the jobs depending on the criteria specified. This package is also extensively used in evaluating the Recruiters performance.

Optimized Dart Distribution System (ODDS)

The Project entailed developing and deploying the client server application on the corporate network. The ODDS is pulling the data from various departments located at different physical locations at the local facility.The Project was developed using ORACLE 7.x, Visual Basic.

Workflow / Imaging System

This system has been developed for a large insurance company. It facilitates storing of incoming correspondence (Faxes / Mails) as TIFF images and accessing these images as and when needed. The system also enables the user to send faxes from his/her desktop.

Life Claims Management System

The system facilitates entry of life insurance plans/policies of clients and the different coverages that are selected by the clients. When a claim is made, the system validates the claim and calculates the benefit amount that has to be paid to the beneficiary. The system also provides for making payments.

Disability Claims Management System

This system is being used by the client, a large insurance company, to manage both long term and short term disability claims.

The system facilitates entry of plans/policies of clients and the different coverages that are selected by the clients. When a claim is made, the system validates the claim and calculates the benefit amount that has to be paid to the claimant. The system also allows for scheduling cyclical payments.

Real Estate Tracking system

This system was developed for the client, a large food products company, to manage the real estate properties that were owned/leased by the company worldwide.

This system captures details of all the real estate properties that are owned/leased/subleased by the company and generates MIS reports, which help the management in keeping track of the expenses that are being incurred currently or will be incurred in the near future. Through a Query module, the User has provision to select the properties that he/she is interested in, and then edit/generate reports.

Risk Assessment/Asset Protection System

This system was developed for the Internal Audit division of the client, a large food products company, to audit processes within the company.

Health Benefit Reporting System (HBRS)

Health Benefit Reporting System kept track of health benefits for Lucent.

Accounting Conversion Environment (ACE)

Accounting Conversion Environment supports the translation from FML to SAP and translation of data from SAP to FML. It also provides the data, once translated, to the legacy ledgers, SAP/Central Instance, data warehouses.

Benefits Tracking System (BTR) - PMO

Benefits Tracking System kept track of benefits, expenses and resources for different corporation-wide departments.

Financial Tracking System (FTS) - eVisible

Financial Tracking System maintained North American Region Customer Team Sales Forecast data

EMEA Regional Accounting Conversion Environment (ERACE)

EMEA Regional Accounting Conversion Environment was the translator from EMEA Legacy information/format to GES_SAP information format. ERACE translates non-FML journal entries from legacy systems to SAP journal entries.

Oracle Validation Process (OVP)

Oracle Validation Process validated financial data against data in Oracle tables for SAP feeders using Oracle Packages.

Application Switcher

Application Switcher was an application to change and setup an environment on users’ PCs so different Financial applications can work without any conflict between resources and the requirement of reboot of the PC.

BUGLE Historical Data Reporting (BHDR)

BUGLE Historical Data Reporting was the Data Warehouse project. BHDR allowed users to query the data of financial legacy systems and generate ad-hoc and customized reports.

Process Support Team (PST)

Process Support Team was the customized Version Control System developed for developers, analysts, and administrators of Lucent.

Core Technology (CTECH)

Core Technology was a customized Client-Server Environment, which supported the distributed client-server architectural requirements of the various financial applications. This system was developed using Sybase 10, UNIX/C, and Shell Scripts.

CRO Profile Review (Major Pharmaceutical Company, NJ)

This application allows the corporate and affiliates users of this company to review the profiles of vendors.

The Clinical Research Organizations can also log in to the system to view their information. The profiles of each CRO include information like Administrative Management, Contracting, Data Management, Finance, Information Management, Monitoring, Patient Enrollment Support etc.

Days Of Supply (Major Cosmetics Company, NJ)

Days Of Supply is a web based data maintenance project for various cosmetic items in a data warehouse. Secure access to the data of a particular plant that has been assigned to the user as indicated by the Customer Service/Logistics team. This application mainly helps the user to keep track of the forecast days of supply, anticipated production date, anticipated release date for items and allows them to update minimum and target days of supply and add comments for these items.

Sports Ticker Online System (SportsTicker Inc.)

Sports Ticker Online System is the world’s leading real time sports news and information service of ESPN. This system facilitates users to capture sports news on different sports like Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Golf, Hockey etc. into Oracle Database then send them over the network to the company’s clients using Oracle’s queuing mechanism. The company has big list of clients all over the country, which includes,, USA Today, Fox Sports Net etc.

Power Plant Performance and Optimization System (PPOS) (Major Power Supply Company)

PPOS is a distributed database application developed to tune the control parameters for optimized power plant performance. The system was designed and tested for a 500MW Thermal power plant.

Distributed Finite Element Solver (DFES) (Major Power Equipment Manufacturing Company)

DFES is a Java RMI based application to distribute the processing load to multiple single processor machines for speedier results.

Real Time X-ray imaging system (Major Power Equipment Manufacturing Company)

The system is developed to help X-ray inspection of high pressure boiler tube welds, which have to confirm to ASTM standards.

Condition Monitoring of Power Plants (Major Power Equipment Manufacturing Company)

Vibration is a major diagnostic tool for the Power Plant rotary equipment, this application helps the operator in forecasting the health of this equipment.

Business Process and Workflow Management

Business Process and Workflow Management specialized with production workflow to integrate the end-to-end flow through for AT&T Order Processing System. Using Tibco’s Production Workflow Engine InConcert to create this framework. Integrated Oracle 9i with the Workflow and Process Management System.

CORBA based middleware and Component Framework for multi-platform services to collaborate with application servers in a distributed environment.

Intranet based Asset Management System

(Capacity Management System) for ATM and Frame relay network.

CORBA Factory servers in Java to create and manage business objects. The stateless business objects reside inside the factory server to provide services over IDL interface. The service context is used to manage the transactions and life cycle of business objects.

Distributed network and service management application

For end-to-end provisioning and maintenance of T1 and higher-rate access services across an ATM/SONET-based network.

Routing services to find the shortest path across ATM and SONET network to provide end-to-end (T1, DS3, OC3, and OC12) services. Objects are developed in C++ under HP environment. Used Naming service from Orbix 2.

Element Access Module (EAM) for FLM2400, FLM4800

The main involvement with this module was TRAP Management System with the broadcasting service. The independent Plug and Play Object service Module collects all the traps and broadcast into upper level services. The TRAP management system builds using SNMP.

WEB based Customer Service Agent

Using Java Applets that allows the creation of a customer profile and work orders to setup end-to-end services. JAVA AWT components are used to build the user Interface applets.

CORBA standards for distributed objects

On “SONET provisioning” platform. Utilized design patterns and Java framework approach for the component object model. The OOA/OOD are done using Rational Rose for C++ on Windows NT platform. The service objects are developed on HP/9000/HP-UX environment.

EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse)

Designed to automate the reconciliation and data retrieval.

Redesign, implement and maintain Oracle database backup and disaster recovery strategies

Involve Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) based on Veritas cluster, Oracle advanced replication (master to master) and RMAN.

Administrated a distributed Tivoli inventory database

Version 7/8 system, a typical data warehouse and VLDB system, on Sun Solaris for AT&T Y2K and End To End projects, in which the Tivoli system was used to manage AT&T desktops, laptops and servers through AT&T intranet.

  • Built and maintained an Oracle advanced replication system among 9 Oracle databases, which had 16 replication groups.
  • Migrated the whole system from Oracle 7 to Oracle 8 and convert manual partitions into real partitions.
  • Refreshed a report database (about 300GB) every two weeks and tuned the export/import from more than 48 hours to less than 10 hours.
  • Performed tuning for a huge report successfully from 12 hours to 45 minutes.
  • Used Legato storage system and EBU for version 7, RMAN for version 8 to backup key databases.
  • Maintained and administrated Oracle databases (v7.x) on development environment for the Globe Billing/Ordering Platform (GBP/GOP) system and the BASE billing system.

Web-based Technical and Financial Analyst Info-sharing

Online program (product is known as “Collaborative Workspace”). This program would consist of very dynamic content, which would be changed and manipulated in less then a minute using the Sybase database system.

First the structure and Hierarchy or the site had to be analyzed do to the dynamic content using ASP. A layout had been developed via Fireworks and had then been sliced and exported through file compression techniques. A logo for the project was needed for identification and internal company usage: this was done in Fireworks. After the client had approved the logo, the project was to be redesigned according to the look and feel of the logo. In Dreamweaver, with the use of HTML, the site had been developed and tested for browser compatibility and bugs. After this the site had been passed to the Advanced Development department for further programming.

Contract Management System

Princetec has made significant investment in developing a cutting edge software product to efficiently manage contracts and to automate most of the tasks involved in managing contracts. The Contract Management System is a tracking system to manage and track any type of date-sensitive document on time, easily and securely. It tracks all parties to a contract as well as attorneys, contract managers and business contacts. In addition, it lets the user to track actions, contract summary, obligations, lease information, intellectual property, provisions, territory, product, financial, amendments and receipts/disbursements for income and expense reporting. It provides a complete solution for contract management problems in an organization by offering a variety of features.

The system is built on Oracle 8i based database back-end, with a Visual Basic front-end and a .Net based web interface.