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Princetec is a premier, globally-networked IT staffing firm, providing cost-effective and customized services to many of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations. Since our inception in 1998, we have placed thousands of best in breed IT professionals on a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from web development and systems integration to network security and technical support, within budget and ridged time-constraints. Our success hinges upon our unique insight into people, cultures as well as relationships and the ability to source the very best candidates, who can hit the ground running.

Who We Are

Princetec is a New York based full-service software development and consulting firm that is adept at providing strategic and innovative technological solutions. The company’s reputation of consistently providing top-notch talent for many of the leading organizations in New York City is backed by 12 years of industry experience and thousands of engagements, nationwide.

We know how to assess a client’s needs, qualify potential candidates and deliver optimized solutions. We also understand that a candidate is more than what is merely written on his resume. We have the expertise to tap into an individual’s talent, enabling him to stand out, in a competitive work environment. Through a rigorous selection process, Princetec guarantees that each candidate placed, is an ideal fit. Our proprietary and price smart engagement model ensures speedy and seamless delivery of the resources, needed to meet the business requirements of our clients.

Our huge database of talent caters to our client’s intellectual, capital needs, guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction. Our IT experts have helped multiple project teams design, develop and implement some of the most complex and sophisticated applications. We work in collaboration with our client’s project teams and add value by providing the technical talent that may not be available “in-house”. Princetec understands the complexities that encompass a broad range of IT disciplines.
 Many New York IT executives have partnered with Princetec to insure strategic flexibility in human resource management. The success of our team stems from the perfect combination of creative and technical capabilities with cutting-edge strategies that have always guaranteed exceptional services to our clients. From impeccable analysis of business needs and development of multimedia applications to faultless deliverance of e-Commerce solutions, Princetec professionals both accommodate and exceed our clients’ expectations.

How We Work

Princetec’s engagement protocol with both our clients and consultants rests upon efficiency and reliability. After careful placement of each candidate, we conduct a comprehensive “Test”, “Analyze” and “Reassess” management process, which guarantees ongoing excellent service to our clients. Our robust, 5 tiered staffing process, based on mutual collaboration and research, is executed by our professional recruiters and comprises the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly comprehend and assess the client’s exact IT job requirements in terms of both hard and soft skills
  2. In order to source the best candidate, our recruitment professionals initially conduct a comprehensive, automated search of our “in-house” database of thousands of eligible IT professionals. They also “auto harvest” relevant resumes from all possible IT centric job websites into a pool of semi-qualified candidates, awaiting final screening
  3. Depending upon the job requirements and client’s business needs, candidates are, then, systematically and qualitatively screened
  4. Potential candidates are eventually sent over to the relevant client, allowing it to review them in depth and if needed, recalibration of the required skills is executed at this stage.
  5. If the candidates fit the bill, they are invited by the client for the final in-person interview

Why We Stand Out In The Crowd
Princetec was established in 1998 by software professionals, who are equipped with a wealth of knowledge, derived from years of experience in Information Technology staff augmentation, recruitment and consulting. Since then, Princetec has grown, evolved and flourished, amassing an impressive list of clients, partnerships and alliances

Our clients engage Princetec because we rigorously hold on to our fundamental ethics of hard work, commitment and honesty. Princetec anticipates and accommodates various business needs by combining our collaborative energies, creative talents and deep understanding of emerging technologies. As a result, we have been chosen by global organizations to support on their long-term projects and assignments, time and time again.

Our customized solutions have helped clients survive the ups and downs of business cycles, while consistently maintaining a competitive edge. We deliver our services with astute professionalism, accountability and integrity, inspiring both candidates and clients to reach new levels of achievement.

Princetec’s Exclusive Database: Princetec’s proprietary database of thousands of qualified IT professionals has been providing best-in-class resources to global organizations, over the past 12 years. 

Comprehensive Research: We conduct proactive research to source the best candidates for a particular position and also reach out to those, who do not have their resumes listed on any database.

Secondary Online Databases: Though we do not solely rely on online databases, we subscribe to many well-known databases on the internet and occasionally employ them for a particular recruitment assignment

An Array of Multiple Services: Contingent Staffing Solutions, Staff Augmentation, Right to Hire Program, Executive Search, Contingency Placement, Turn-Key Project Based Solutions including IT Consulting and Operations Support  Performance-Driven Services: All our services are tailored to the needs and preferences of our clients, as we are focused on creating enduring relationships with them and surpassing the highest professional IT service business standards by offering our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Technology Specialties:

  1. Security enabled Web based Applications
  2. Server Applications & Data warehousing
  3. Systems Administration
  4. Telecommunications- Biometrics, Telemetry and industry standard communication protocols,
  5. Network Infrastructure
  6. Software Integration & Testing
  7. Enterprise Level Resource Planning
  8. Graphics & Multi-media 
Cost Advantage: We provide certainty of our domain experience and top-notch technology efficiency at the most competitive rates.

Bridging the Business Intelligence and Technology Integration Gap: Princetec stays in touch with the clients’ business needs by placing single point technical assets, empowered by powerful decision making agendas.

Operational Advantages:  Our nimble executive organization assures less redundancy, bureaucracy and duplication, while offering more optimized, client friendly solutions. Our commitment to the client is of pivotal importance and therefore, we provide increased focus on every client request, ensuring faster turnaround and mitigating day to day escalations and challenges.


  1. Backed by advanced technologies, business analytics and unparalleled experience in the IT recruitment industry, Princetec provides candidates, who will significantly improve our clients’ operational efficiencies and profit margins, while decreasing costs. We consistently invest in our employees, technology and system, as they are fundamental to the stability and success of our company. 

  2. Key differentiators of our robust Princetec infrastructure are:

    1. Advanced technology (high-speed connection, VOIP) to support operations
    2. State of the art and scalable facility, located in the corporate hub of New York City
    3. Highly skilled, committed and certified IT recruiters with years of hands-on, practical experience in the industry
    4. Video conferencing
    5. Remote access to our customized and comprehensive databases
    6. Fully integrated failover and redundancy
    7. Service continuity supported by BCP and disaster management mechanisms
    8. Proximity card access/physical access control system to prevent unauthorized physical access to the premises and other sensitive areas
    9. Highly stable and unique financial system, rigorously adhering to the billing requirements of our clients
    10. Modern communication devices that facilitate ongoing, multidimensional communication amongst various teams and clients
    11. A database of thousands of qualified IT professionals
    12. Seamless production of reporting at all levels and processing of unlimited payroll as well as billing demands
    13. High Speed Internet connection
    14. 100% end-to-end recording of all calls for analysis and research